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hef'-er (parah, in Numbers 19 (see following article) and Hosea 4:16; `eghlah, elsewhere in the Old Testament; damalis, in Hebrews 9:13 ):For the "heifer of three years old" in the King James Version, the Revised Version margin of Isaiah 15:5; Jeremiah 48:34, see EGLATH-SHELISHIYAH. But apart from these "blended" passages, it would be a mistake to think that sonship is always consciously thought of where "heir" is mentioned, and hence, too much theological implication should not be assigned the latter word. Heir: General Scriptures Concerning; Figurative; Very High: Search Popularity Scale Find Most Searched Verses. J.-C. pour l'Ancien Testament, et la deuxième moitié du Ier siècle, voire le début du IIe siècle pour le Nouveau Testament. ... /.../unknown/the gospel of nicodemus /chapter 7 23 and hades.htm, When Hyrcanus who was Alexander's Heir, Receded from his Claim to ... ... CHAPTER 6. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV), Micah 1:15Yet will I bring an heir unto thee, O inhabitant of Mareshah: he shall come unto Adullam the glory of Israel. The Phrase "Old Testament" Used in Two. We give the title to a person who is to inherit after the death of an ancestor, and during his life, as well as to the person who has actually come into possession. (See NIV). Heir definition: An heir is someone who has the right to inherit a person's money , property, or title... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Use this scale to tell how popular the verses on this page are. Chapter XXXVI. Isaac From Shachatsowm; he will laugh; Jischak, the heir of Abraham -- Isaac. Numbers 27:1-11; 36:1-12 treat of the case where there were no sons--the daughters inherited the estate, but they could marry only within the tribe, lest the tribal possessions be confused. NOTE.--The dates assigned by different scholars to the passages cited have an important bearing on the discussion. ... the fathers in the prophets by divers portions and in divers manners, hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in His Son, Whom He appointed Heir of all ... /.../the expositors bible the epistle to the hebrews/chapter i the revelation in.htm, Hebrews i. See Heir. Heir. He says: ... /.../gordon/quiet talks about jesus/the first touches on the.htm, The Revelation in a Son. La Bible rassemble une collection décrits très variés (récits des origines, textes législatifs, récits historiques, textes sapientiaux, prophétiques, poétiques, hagiographies, épîtres) dont la rédaction sest échelonnée entre le VIIIe siècle av. (Heir, (See BIRTHRIGHT; INHERITANCE,) refers exclusively to land. Heir definition is - one who receives property from an ancestor : one who is entitled to inherit property. Under the patriarchal system the property was divided among the sons of the legitimate wives, (Genesis 21:10; 24:36; 25:5) a larger portion being assigned to one, generally the eldest, on whom devolved the duty of maintaining the females of the family. They took the labor of the peoples in possession,(See NIV), Proverbs 29:21If a servant is gently cared for from his early years, he will become a cause of sorrow in the end. That the royal dignity went by primogeniture is asserted only (in a particular case) in 2 Chronicles 21:3, and both David (1 Kings 1:11-13) and Rehoboam (2 Chronicles 11:21-23) chose younger sons as their successors. The heir inherits the lands or real estate of his father; the eldest son of the nobleman inherits his father's title, and the eldest son of a king inherits the crown. The Bible sometimes uses the word heir to describe us as recipients of a gift from God (Galatians 4:7). In the Old Testament "heir" and "to be heir" both represent some form of the common verb yarash, "possess," and the particular rendition of the verb as "to be heir" is given only by the context (compare e.g. (It should be noted that in this law the firstborn is the eldest son of the father, not of the mother as in Exodus 13:2.) In extreme cases, where no other heirs could be found, the property went to the slaves (Genesis 15:3 Proverbs 30:23, noting that the meaning of the latter verse is uncertain), but this could have happened only at the rarest intervals. Use this table of contents to go to any section: Contents. In the Old Testament There Were Heirs of the New Testament. Hier et aujourd’hui se mettent, l’un pour tout le temps passé, même éloigné, et l’autre pour le temps présent, mais plus étendu que le jour auquel on parle. denotes "one who obtains a lot or portion" (kleros, "a lot," nemomai, "to possess"), especially of an inheritance. "Entry for 'HEIR'". The History of Rome - Brief Overview Of Roman History from Her Dawn to the First Punic War. (WEY). An individual who receives an interest in, or ownership of, land, tenements, or hereditaments from an ancestor who has died intestate, through the laws of Descent and Distribution. 5701 heir. The Mosaic law made specific regulations regarding the transmission of real property, which are given in detail in Deuteronomy 21:17 ; Numbers 27:8 ; 36:6 ; 27:9-11 . '(WEB KJV WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV), Luke 20:14"But when the farmers saw him, they reasoned among themselves, saying,'This is the heir. ( Numbers 27:9-11 ). A young cow (contrast BULLOCK). And Hades receiving Satan, said to him: Beelzebul, heir of fire and punishment? "The Church is declared Heir of those who leave no Kindred; and the Free Gifts of such Persons Confirmed. ... /.../unknown/the gospel of nicodemus /chapter 4 20 and when.htm, Examination of this Point. ... /hebrew/4497.htm - 6k, 1121. ben -- son... foal (1), fools* (1), foreigner* (6), foreigners (1), foreigners* (10), Gileadites* (1), grandchildren (1), granddaughters* (1), grandson (6), heir* (1), high ... /hebrew/1121.htm - 8k, 1248. bar -- son... Word Origin from bar Definition son NASB Word Usage son (4). to be the heir to sth être l'héritier (-ière) de qch → Jamie Blandford, who is heir to the £100m Blenheim Palace estate The History of Rome - Brief Overview Of Roman History from Her Dawn to the First Punic War. ... /.../pamphilius/the life of constantine/chapter xxxvi the church is declared.htm, And when all were in Such Joy, came Satan the Heir of Darkness... ... Part II. Heir. of A curious instance is that of 1 Chronicles 2:34,35, where property is preserved in the family by marrying the daughter to an Egyptian slave belonging to the father; perhaps some adoption-idea underlies this. Orr, James, M.A., D.D. Learn more. In the New Testament "heir" is the invariable translation of kleronomos (15 times), the technical equivalent in Greek, and of the compound sunkleronomos, "co-heir," in Romans 8:17 Ephesians 3:6 Hebrews 11:9 1 Peter 3:7 (in Galatians 4:30 Hebrews 1:14, contrast the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American)). Thus says Yahweh: Has Israel no sons? 1915. Heir glossary term meaning as seen in the King James Bible. "(WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV), Psalms 105:44He gave them the lands of the nations. At least, such was the custom in the time of David and Solomon, but at a later period nothing is heard of the practice. Heir glossary term meaning as seen in the King James Bible. see HEBREW bar. This blending has produced the phrase "heirs of God," which, literally, is meaningless and which doubtless was formed without much deliberation, although it is perfectly clear. To inherit; to take possession of an estate of inheritance, after the death of the ancestor. Borrowed (as a title) from bar; the heir (apparent to the throne) -- son. (2) When there were sons alive, the daughters had no right of inheritance, and married daughters had no such right in any case. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS), Isaiah 65:9And I will take a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah one who will have my mountains for a heritage: and the people I have taken to be mine will have it for themselves, and my servants will have their resting-place there. Heir definition is - one who receives property from an ancestor : one who is entitled to inherit property. Compare Yitschaq. Chapter 4 (20). Heir Bible Verses. (3) The wife had no claim on the inheritance, though the disposition made of her dowry is not explained, and it may have been returned to her. .../v/vine-dressers.htm - 11k, Let's (74 Occurrences)... Matthew 21:38 But the farmers, when they saw the son, said among themselves,'This is the heir. (Judges 11:1) ff. The Septuagint, however, for the sake of variety in its rendition of Hebrew words, used kleronomeo in many such cases (especially Genesis 15:7, 8; Genesis 22:17), and thereby fixed on `heir' the sense of `recipient of a gift from God.'

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